Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to automate the email notifications to the vendors that products have been sold or does that have to be done manually? 

Automating email notifications to the vendors is exactly what Dropship Manager does. When an order is placed – and marked as paid – Dropship Manager generates an email that is sent to the vendor’s email address. The email lists the products that need to be shipped and the customer’s shipping address. Dropship Manager Light simply sends a text email to the vendor, but Dropship Manager Pro will generate a PDF with this information and your company’s logo so that this can be used as a packingslip by your vendor.

How long does this take to set up Drop Ship Manager and get rolling?
The amount of time it will take to set up all your vendors and product SKUs depends on how many products you are adding.

Steps to set up Dropship Manager:

  1. Create a Supplier Record for each Vendor you will be working with. This record had the Name of the company, the Code that will be added to the SKU, and the Email address the orders will be sent to. I’ve never had to add 200, for you that may take a little while.
  2. Update all your product’s SKU’s with the correct vendor Codes. For instance, if we use the company in this image, all Acme Widget’s products SKUs should begin “AW_” to indicate that the product is an Acme Widget product. I use the “WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite” for editing or adding lots of products at once.
  3. You must also set the basic options for Dropship Manger, such as adding the company information and logo for the PDF generator.
  4. At this point I like to send a test order to make sure its working correctly. I usually set up myself as a vendor, with a test product, so that I can buy it and make sure the email is sent correctly.

Can you tell me what the max number of vendors whom are doing the drop shipping that your plugin can handle? 

There is no hard-coded limit to the number of vendors that Dropship Manager Light or Dropship Manager Pro can be used with.

In terms of the CSV documents for inventory: Does that also have to be manually uploaded? How does that work? 

My vendors send me spreadsheets with the quantity of product on hand at their warehouse. Some send this information weekly, and some send it daily. I try to upload the spreadsheets when I receive them. Uploading is a manual process. In the vendor set-up for Dropship Manager Pro you indicate which column is the SKU column, and which column is the quantity-on-hand column, and then you are able to upload the spreadsheet and it will take care of setting products stock status. Its part of my daily work flow to quickly upload these spreadsheets… so much quicker than manually reviewing them!

When did Drop Ship Manager debut?
I built Dropship Manager for use on my e-commerce sites in spring 2013, but didn’t open “” until May 2014.


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